Friday, February 5, 2016

(Spotted) Nocturne: Rebirth - RMXP - RMN


(from Nocturne: Rebirth's GamePage on RMN by eplipswich - June 4th 2015)

"Vampires are creatures that live amidst the darkness of eternal night. They have absolutely no regard for human lives and treat them like stones to be kicked away.

One night, a girl was running in a forest while being chased by three bandits. Then a black-clothed man passed by and subsequently took them down easily. The girl, who thought she was saved by him, wanted to repay him and thus invited him to her village.

......The man, who was actually a vampire, smiled and accepted her invitation. After all, the more prey, the merrier......

Nocturne: Rebirth is a popular 10 to 20-hour (story-wise) JRPG originally created using RPG Maker XP in 2009 by Shou (or Cogwheel) and translated into English by me, eplipswich. It is actually the remake of the game Nocturne created using RPG Maker 2000 way back in 2002. The differences between the two include new graphics and a new battle system, with only the story virtually unchanged. This version serves as the English version of Nocturne: Rebirth. It is also my second game translation after Seraphic Blue. "

Noctune: Rebirth Website (Japanese)
Mirror Download (English)
(Thank you for all your hardwork eplipswich!)

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