Friday, March 11, 2016

(Reference) Making of Lunar:SSSC - Wind's Nocturne - Playstation (PSone)

"...When we originally started translating the games, I use to try and stick as closely as possible to the translated lyrics of the songs.

...But somewhere along the way I figured out that, that really didn't convey the emotion of the song as well. So, I decided that, if I took into account the author's original intent, plus the feeling that I got from the scenes and just rewrote the lyrics entirely...

...We ended up with a much better overall song, which is true in the case of Lunar with the Boat Song (Wind's Nocrtune), of which, the English version turned out to be a much more melancholy and reflective song than the Japanese one." - Victor Ireland

Excerpt from "The Making of Lunar: The Silver Star Story COMPLETE"

Lunar: The Silver Star Story COMPLETE
Platform: Playstation (Psone)
Release: May 28 1999
Translation: Working Designs (Victor Ireland)