Monday, April 18, 2016

(Spotted) Revenant Gods: Ragnarok Chronicles - RMXP - iRPG

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(Unrelated) Compiled Memories Vol.1 - RM2k, RMVX, Wolf RPG Editor

(2014 April Fools Animated Short, featuring Rpgmaker Games Ib, Witch's House and Mad Father)
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How a Private Video Game Collection Turned Into a Museum - [Motherboard]

"There’s a treasure trove of video game history deep in the heart of Texas.

Packed into an unassuming building, nestled between a community theater and an art gallery, I spent a quiet afternoon watching families explore the past. A father and his two young children fiddled with Rubik's Cubes while Wang Chung blasted over a sound system, telling us about their dance hall days.

A ten year old boy sat on a bed made up with Pac Man sheets and blasted away atDuck Hunt on a small TV. Playboy magazines peekedout from under the bed, leering up at a Super Punch Out trash can and a Pole Position poster.

This is Frisco’s National Video Game Museum and the bedroom, mocked up to look like the typical gamer’s bedroom from 1987, is one of many exhibits..."

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