Monday, October 31, 2016

(Reference) Looking Forward: The Huntress of The Hollow - RMN

(from RMN - Looking Forward: The Huntress of The Hollow by LordBlueRouge - October 31st 2016)

Over the last few of weeks, following its initial release, I noticed the rpgmaker2003 game "The Huntress of the Hollow" has been generating quite a bit of buzz; hovering on RMN's front page, often dropping down to the 8th spot, only to suddenly climb back up to 3rd or 2nd place.

Now normally, from past experience, we'd probably all chalk this phenomena up, to a semi-popular youtuber doing yet-another let's play of an rpgmaker2003 game.

But after carefully doing a quick google search, it becomes immediately apparent that only a handful of youtubers have actually done a let's play of "The Huntress of the Hollow".

...Either way, it's very unusual for a newly released rpgmaker2003 game to be generating such a large amount of buzz in such a short amount of time, shortly after it's release. But to be able to then, further generate that buzz consistently for 7 solid weeks straight afterwards? That's incredible.

So, rather than bitterly blame this curious occurrence, on some faulty RMN site algorithm, on this special edition of "Looking Back"...with special permission from Tau, I’ve decided to "Look Forward", by sitting down and interviewing the creator of "The Huntress of the Hollow” in order to see what I could learn from, what many consider to be the new face of rpgmaker2003 on RMN.