Saturday, August 4, 2018

(Reference) - RPGMAKER 101: An Intro to Development and Community

(Rindre, Hogwash and Meake did a really cool panel at AnimeNEXT June 2018)

"Love when your favorite Youtuber played The Witch’s House? Ever wanted to make a game, but programming complex code seems terrifying? Join our lovely dev guides Meaka, Hogwash, and Rindre as we walk you through all things RPGMaker. The past, the present… and maybe you, the future!

Part of our discussion of RPG Maker and its history will include “landmark” games made in the engines, such as Yume Nikki, OFF, and Ib, among others.

This discussion will include how these games shaped the community that grew from it and how they continue to inspire new developers to this day. A particular emphasis will be placed on community and the “fandom,” as it were, since they are the lifeblood of RPG Maker and indie game dev in general.

The approachability of the idea that anyone can make a game is a particularly strong draw, and people of varying skill sets can come together for game jams, create fanworks, or even just be able to chat with fellow fans and devs, bounce ideas off each other, and bring new projects to life without even realizing it."