Friday, May 26, 2017

(Archive) RM2k3 Survivor: NYSE - RM2k - SperSoft

(...I noticed someone was looking for this the other day on the blog, so I thought I'd quickly throw this together. Be sure to, check out this thread on RMN for more info.)

(From Spersoft by JOJOFACE)

"You are a Stock Trader at the New York Stock Exchange. It's your day off, and you are enjoying your stay at the park. Little do you know, that the Stock Market just crashed and you lost all the money you have, except what is in your pocket. Now, you are a bum, on the street. No home, no money. Will you beg for money to make it though the 30 day Depression? Or will you work your way through? The choice is yours."

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(I'll revise this later on with more info. But yeah, RM2k3 Survivor NYSE has been requested quite a bit.)