Tuesday, March 22, 2016

(Reference) GameCenter CX:Pokémon Interview & Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels

(I mentioned awhile back I was going to upload this privately...

Sunday, October 4, 2015

"...One of the more interesting episodes being Part 2, of the Super Mario Bros Lost Levels, episode:

In that episode, (which I’ll try to eventually upload here, privately) Arino sits down and interviews Satoshi Tajiri; the creator of Pokemon. It’s here where we learn of Satoshi’s incredible passion and fascination to track down various arcade games seen throughout Japan, that eventually lead to the creation of his self-published fanzine GameFreak... that eventually lead to a position within the game industry....That eventually lead to the creation of Pokemon itself. (really interesting stuff and a great episode to boot!)
...which I finally got around to! Enjoy! ; I'll probably edit this entry later with timestamps.)
*please don't spread this around, I'm simply uploading the video here, solely for posterity's sake. (...thank you.)

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(Another great Satoshi Tajiri interview from BulpediaGarden.Net)
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(from The TV Database - thetddb.com )

"First Aired: 2004-05-30

In the closing episode of this first season, Arino visits one of the most famous and yet reclusive developers in the world, Game Freak. Arino discusses their history with company founder Satoshi Tajiri as well as their most famous creation, Pokémon.

This week's challenge is a continuation of last week's and finds Arino attempting to finish Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels. Just as it looks as though Arino is no chance, Tojima presents him with a gift that could change the tides in this challenge.

Lastly there is an extended travelogue centered around visiting arcades in hot springs located in the tourist town of Hakone. When he isn't indulging in the hot springs themselves he's playing impossible prize games, broken shmups or leaving his mark with his trademark high score name."