Saturday, November 11, 2017

Arc Symphony imagines not a faux-JRPG, but the community that surrounds it. Fan fiction, passive aggression, and all - [USGAMER]

(from USGAMER by Caty McCarthy - April 24th, 2017)

"There comes a point in nearly every online community when drama tears it apart. Naturally, in all the fan communities I’ve seen rise, I’ve watched them fall; whether over pettiness, fights, people leaving and newbies shaking up the community’s dynamic, moderators going power hungry, and so on. But I'll never forget the friends I've made across them. And even today, I still stay in contact with a select few friends I've made over the early years of rabid fandoms. The inevitable drama that unfolds in Arc Symphony’s fan community ends up feeling personal, not just because we've witnessed something like it before, but because so many of us have reinvented ourselves in one way or another online. We create the ideal self, and sometimes, we see that be rejected."

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(This is a really old post - I was gonna post this sooner but other things sort of got in the way. It was an interesting sort of text adventure that delved into the nature surrounding online internet communities. The game is no longer free, but it's 2.69USD. It's still worth checking out.)