Friday, October 30, 2015

(Archive) - Final Fantasy Time and Again - RM2k3 - GW/RMN

Mirror Download

Note: FFTA is one of the very few FF Fan games that has a really interesting, fully functional but incredibly cumbersome [Jump] mechanic worked out in RPGMAKER2003's Default Battle System. I'll probably add the save file that jumps you straight to this part. But for now I'm uploading it, simply because, I found out today that, it's no longer on RMN.


Anonymous said...

The download file seems to have an error. Whenever any strike action is taken in battle it throws the error "File Strike can't be opened" and crashes. Any way to upload a working version?

Anonymous said...

The file in the link no longer works. Anyone have a working version?

Anonymous said...

I have it, sorry. it got DMCA'd for some reason? (???) This is very strange, cause fan games are usually harmless. I think, it has to do with it having a similar name to a recent expansion pack from FFXIV? I'll see if I can somehow reupload it in the next couple of days.