Wednesday, September 21, 2016

(Archive) TAUT - RMk23 - Char0n

(will update with more info; Taut was supposedly quite a popular horror game back in 2007 on gamingw, for it's use of custom chipsets in order to tell a story within a contemporary setting )

(From Indie DB- "Taut Summary" by Char0n)

"Taut is a horror game with elements of Silent Hill (visual presentation of the game) and the movies of David Lynch. It's also a "Drama", too, because the story is more or less about humananity but splitted into pieces of many metaphors which are all very psychological and sometimes abstract. In your home town, but (consciously) it shows no discernible name and has similarities to a few different cultures. Why is the town empty? You travel to the one place you find comfort & memories, your school."

Taut (German)
Taut (French)
Taut (English)

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