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(Archive) - Necropolis - RM2k3

(Secretly re-uploading cuz this game was cool and deserves to be remembered.)

 - January 13th, 2014)

Obviously I stopped updating this blog a long time ago, because I hate blogging. Also, I hate Necropolis and haven’t worked on it for almost a year to the day.

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(...I couldn't find a decent review so I'm piecing one together.)
(if you can write a better review, please contact me)

(from Orias_Obderhode - September 23rd, 2011)

You follow the story of a man named Marcus, turned zombie, who has no initial recollection of who he is. As you progress to find the one called "The Master" who resides in the Necropolis, Marcus' memories begin to return to him.

As you grow in level, the battle system gives you, the option to increase three stances: "Basic", "Finesse", and "Power". Each level you put into these stances, teaching you new abilities. Each of these new abilities have different chain properties, allowing you to create more finishing moves. For example, the "Slash" ability is a Basic move, that will chain into a "Power" move. So as long as you use a power move after "Slash", the chain will continue. There are multiple combinations of finishers you can use.

Games created with RPG Maker need to have something special to keep me playing. With the custom battle system and handmade retro NES-style graphics and sounds, the game has a lot going for it!

(...something something, Jude the creator, put a careful amount of effort into not just recreating the NES-retro style, but emulating and understanding it's limitations - to the point where on top of having this engaging story, funny characters and really interesting battle system, I was curious to see what other twists and turns this game would take through this 8-bit retro macabre world he has created.

It's been about 10 years since Jude has worked on and released this demo. A lot of things have changed, mainly, being able to create and sell rpgmaker2003 in a official commercial capacity, which no one was able to do when this demo was originally released. Hopefully one day, Jude might return to this and we'll see what happens next, maybe not.

Eitherway, great stuff here.

Definitely worth playing through.
Necropolis is one of those games that makes me wonder if there's anything rpgmaker can't do.

This is a must play.)

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