Wednesday, May 18, 2016

(Archive) Kindred Saga - RM2k - GamingGroundZero

(Gaming Ground Zero is down... probably for good... not sure if it's coming back - going to start adding entries here, just in case.)

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"This was a hot shot game. It has a full CBS (custom battle system) and a part CMS. Also a story that’s actually pretty good if you ignore the heavy FF7 influence. I wasn’t really active in the community at the time to know if this was actually popular, but it probably was. Pretty sure it was…."
(From Choin Heap- "RPG Maker oldschool recs" by Darken May-18-2014)

RMArchive Notes: (Back then, Kindred Saga was quite significant - During the time it was released, Final Fantasy 7 was out, Final Fantasy 8 was out and Final Fantasy 9 had just been released - everyone was really excited to finally get their hands on a program that would allow them to create their very own Final Fantasy game in RPGmaker2000 - But the problem with RPGMaker2000, was that you were only allowed to make RPGs with first-person-battle-view-system; Final Fantasy had a side-battle-view-system.

Kindred Saga not only showed that it was frustratingly possibly to create a custom side-view-battle-system in rpgmaker2000 but the game drew everything that we loved about the genre, during that time: The co-op battle skills seen in Chrono Trigger, the dark and foreboding eerie flash blacks of a menacing protagonist (as seen in FF7 and Xenogears) while also attempting to merge genres that were never thought were possible - There's this really menacing almost, pulse pounding moment near the end of the demo, where they mix the chase sequence found in Final Fantasy 8 with Final Fantasy 6's ghost train - It is something you'll have to experience for yourself.

Kindred Saga is the game that got me into RPGMaker.

It showed me what was possible, what could actually be made with RPGMaker, once placed in the right hands.)


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